“I sought out Braveheart Private Reserve because I needed to find a farmer who grew strains that I could use for my particular ailments: anxiety, joint pain, etc. And when I was able to use his flowers I found that my severe anxiety was lessened significantly & that my pain was much more tolerable so that I’m able to be as productive as I like to be on a daily basis. Another thing I liked about Braveheart Private Reserve is that he uses organic products in his cannabis & because of this the smoke is very smooth & flavorful. Braveheart Private Reserve also produces his flowers on a smaller scale which allows him to give extra care & love to his garden  and it shows in the final product. I would most definitely recommend Braveheart Private Reserve to any person that appreciates good clean cannabis & cares about what is in the flowers that they consume.”


“Some of the deepest, most healing, happy, euphoric highs are created in Braveheart’s organic healing bliss garden; the flowers that are grown by him are truly inspiring and magical. Enchanting colorful vibrant flowers that transport your consciousness to a heavenly utopia full of vibrant fragrant healing grape CBD Nubia flower wine vines, forests of deep green that are blooming with Dogwalker OG flowers, sweet dank meyer lemon orchards blossoming with Starkiller OG; the fragrance from the flowers is so divine that your whole being feels such a sense of peace and gratitude, so much so, that the world breathes in peace with you.”